Japan Tours

Going to Japan comes with numerous advantages that will nourish your understanding of other cultures. It is essential to understand the conventional ways of functioning so that you can avoid embarrassing yourself and others.

Keep in mind that Japanese culture is entirely different from Western, which is why you need to understand the customs before you enroll.

You can find numerous Japan custom tours that will provide you peace of mind and a thorough understanding of this particular culture.

We decided to present to you tips that you will help you prepare yourself for the trip and to understand what to expect when you reach the destination.

1.Bring Plastic Bag Everywhere You Go

It is essential to understand that you will not find too many trash bins and cans in Japan similarly as in other countries. That is the main reason why you should bring the plastic bag with yourself so that you can avoid problems that may happen along the way.

This is highly important in case you wish to try street food, because you may need to carry trash around more than usual. However, it is vital to dispose of it based on regulations, which is why you should bring a plastic bag to reduce the hassle of the process.

2.Find a Pocket Internet

You can find a pocket Wi-Fi so that you can reduce the hassle of finding the public one. The lifesaver will help you with the overall process of being accustomed to cultural differences along the way.

Since Tokyo is massive, you will need navigation so that you can determine which way you should go. Therefore, you will be able to use Google Maps and other navigation apps that will help you with the overall process.

You should clickhere to learn everything about Japanese culture in general.

You can plan routes and determine whether you should use a train or subway for a particular journey. Keep in mind that trains in Japan are the fastest in the world and the most accurate ones, which is why you can go from one part of Japan to another with ease.

3.You Do Not Need the JR Pass

Most people will tell you that you should get a JR Pass before you decide to embark. However, it is not something that will bring you additional convenience, especially if you have in mind that it is a waste of money.

Of course, if you wish to travel to different cities in a single week, it will be worthwhile. However, you will be able to find other ways to reduce expenses, especially if you wish to visit only in Tokyo.

4.Bring Cash

Even though you can find numerous online resources that will tell you that you will not be able to pay in all areas by debit or credit card, you should know that things have changed.

Today, you can find more and more places that will accept card payment, but you should still bring cash and always have it just in case.

Of course, street vendors and small shops will not accept cards, which is why you should have cash all the time. However, you will be able to use debit cards in restaurants and bars, but we recommend you to ask beforehand or check for the signs.

5.Avoid Tipping

The most common things that we do and that you should avoid in Japan include tipping bartenders, waiters, and taxi drivers.

Keep in mind that you should avoid tipping while you are in Japan. You can also insult others by leaving them with extra money, which is why you should avoid this particular confusion and potential problems.

Check out this site: https://www.wikihow.com/Prepare-for-a-Trip-to-Japan to learn how to prepare for a trip to Japan.

6.You May Need To Remove Shoes for Entering Some Restaurants

Everything depends on the places you wish to visit, but in some restaurants, you may need to take off your shoes. As soon as you enter inside, the host will ask you to take off your shoes, and she will take them behind the stand.

That is an essential consideration in case you avoid wearing socks because being with bare feet in a restaurant is not hygienic. We recommend you always wear socks while you are in Japan.

It’s important to be considerate and respectful to general customs that are common in Japan. It is as simple as that.


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