When you’re leaving on a business trip or on holiday, leaving your vehicle at home and taking a taxi to the airport can save money because you don’t need to pay for parking. In addition, you don’t have to inconvenience a friend or family member if you have an early flight. However, short rides across town or to the airport are not the only reason to call a taxi.

Going Out with Friends

If you want to spend an evening out with friends, booking a taxi will keep everyone safe and prevent a possible drink driving charge. Some taxicab companies have large vehicles that can be booked to take a group out for an evening of celebrating. Instead of having a designated driver, everyone can enjoy the celebration and have a safe way to get home at the end of the evening.

Touring a City

When you’re in an area you’ve never been to, some cab companies will provide tours of the city in which you’re staying. Taxis in Totnes have drivers who will pick you and your group up from your hotel to tour the area. You can visit Dartmoor National Park, see the village of Cockington, or walk along the coast at Broad.

Transportation for Disabled

It can be difficult to get to the market or run an errand if you’re confined to a wheelchair. Fortunately, some taxi companies have vehicles that can pick up disabled passengers and take them to run their errands, whether they are to the market or the bank. Many disabled people in smaller communities are essentially homebound but with help from taxi companies, they can get their errands done.

Although a taxi is a good way to get across town or to the airport, it can help you do so much more as well, depending on the taxicab company you call.



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