With an abundance of fantastic destinations, including metropolises such as Melbourne and Sydney, natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, great roads and affordable campervan hire, there’s so much to be said for taking a holiday Down Under! Many people hire campervans and travel around Australia as it’s an affordable, exciting and comfortable way to travel, one that enables holidaymakers to experience so much, even on a short trip.

What To Look For In A Campervan

Wherever you arrive in Australia you’ll find there are many campervan agencies to choose from, so once you’ve found a top agency, one that offers reasonable rates and great customer service, you’ll need to select a comfortable campervan to travel around Australia in. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Suitable size and number of berths – You need to select a campervan that has an adequate number of berths and is large enough without being too big for you to feel comfortable behind the wheel of.
  • Suitable facilities for your needs – If you’re planning on staying in caravan and national parks you won’t need a toilet and shower in the camper. However, if you’re getting off the beaten track …
  • Well-maintained and clean – Always make sure that the campervans that you hire are well-maintained and clean. You will be required to return in a clean condition, so it’s only right that when you hire it that’s it’s spick and span.

What’s more, you should also take photos, or better yet, a video with your smartphone, of the camper’s condition at the time of hire, just to make sure you have evidence of its condition.

Top Destinations Down Under

There are so many destinations in Australia that are perfect for campervan holidays. Here are some of the very best to consider for your trip Down Under:

  • The Gold Coast Hinterland – There are some wonderful, and very cheap, national parks at which to stay throughout the region. The waterfalls here are spectacular and the weather is lovely all year round.
  • Byron Bay – Byron is one of the most popular destinations among backpackers these days and it’s always a safe bet if you’re not sure where to stay along the northern NSW coast. While spending some time in the town is great, be sure to make the most of having a camper so that you can explore the hinterland and less accessible beaches.
  • Barossa Valley – A short drive from Adelaide lies the Barossa Valley, perhaps the most famous (many would say the very best) wine-producing region in Australia. Not only are the wines fantastic, but the scenery is especially beautiful and there are many places that are perfect for staying in a campervan.
  • Uluru and Alice Springs – A popular way to experience both is to fly into Alice Springs and hire a camper to drive to Uluru. What a great trip!

Australia is a great destination for campervan holidays and there are so many places to visit – where will your campervan travels take you when exploring the land Down Under?


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