Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

I don’t think there is even a single person out there who doesn’t like to travel. Exploring world is something everyone has in their bucket list. I still remember the time when i was in school i always desire to be a travel journalist although i still want to.

Roaming around cities in a different country is something that everyone do on their trip. But if you are seeking beauty and culture which actually symbolise the country then deep research is needed to take out best from the visit.

No doubt, Europe is a beautiful place with numerous of destinations to attract tourist. Paris and rome are the places that are undefinable by words. Still, Europe has this mesmerizing destinations that you may not explored during your last visit.

So, if you are planning Europe this vacation then here are 4 exotic locations to visit in Europe for once in a lifetime experience :-

1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Croatia itself a very eye-pleasing destination which is not been explored in the past much but finally came in notice from last few years. Plitvice lakes is a waterfall in central croatia, The waterfall consist 16 chains of lake with crystal clear water. Walkways around and across the water can even make you walk endlessly. Colorful rainbow in sky is cherry on top.

  1. Maastricht, netherlands

Maastricht may not popular worldwide like amsterdam, but the place is undoubtedly

Beautiful that deserves your visit once in a lifetime. city is covered with river on both the sides, inside it has unbelievable historical castles. It is one of the oldest town of netherlands that can be covered entirely on foot. Place also has some great undiscovered history and restaurants to give your taste bud a food to remember for life.

  1. Scandinavia for northern lights

No doubt it is cold, little expensive, chances are less to see aurora borealis clearer due to pollution but it is something that excite million of you to spend money on this and watch the beauty of earth once in a life. Head as far as you can into wilderness, pray, hope for the best and experience the wonder of earth. Check out on web to see the months where chances are more.

  1. Florence, Tuscany italy

Tuscany is a place that is situated in central italy, the capital of tuscany florence is famous for its cultural art and architectures one like never seen before. The attraction point is mostly Michelangelo’s “David” statue. It is also home to world’s most recognizable Renaissance art and architecture.

Europe is a vast country with hundreds of attractive destinations to pull tourists towards it. So many unexplored places that needs your attention.

Europe is always a dream place of every traveller as country has lot to offer to its people. Travelling cost is the first issue that people face while planning an escape. What if i say some cheap flights to Europe are just available there for you to make your travel cost cut down to negotiable.

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