Do you want to experience a wonderful tour in Turkey? But, where to go? If you find it difficult to determine the best destination for you; let us help you, please…
As the first capital of Ottoman Emprise, Bursa, where is actually smaller than Istanbul, has many historical places and symbols that can compete with ones in Istanbul.

Dating back to the 2nd century B.C. and rested on the foothills Mount Uludağ, which is a very popular skiing center and known as the mythical mount Olympus, Bursa is one of the most ancient, forested and a naturally beautiful city in Turkey.

Due to being widely forested, it is also called as “Green Bursa”. These features of Bursa city, make the city become one of the most preferred destinations among Turkey tours. With its green view, the “Green Bursa tour” will let you feel yourself as if you were in a heaven. What you will experience during your tours from Istanbul to Bursa: First of all, we will go Yalova by ferry, after that, a long tour to Bursa city will start with a luxury bus. We will visit the most historical places in Bursa.

We will visit the world’s most well-known historical places such as Green Mausoleum and Green Mosque. And then, Koza Han, which was used as silk and silkworm trade will greet us.

Being the center of silk trade of its time, Bursa gathered many gifted people, such as kaftan and pillow producers and masters of embroidery gathered around itself. Also, we will see many examples of the works of ancient people that left us from centuries ago. After that, we will have a cable car journey to watch the city on the slopes of Olympus. And at last, we will have a rest under the Cinaralti trees that are dated back to 1000 years ago.

As an experienced tour company, we offer you the most quality Bursa tours. Choose us for the best and the most affordable Bursa tour from Istanbul.


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