Whether you run a hotel or a restaurant, you’ve probably thought about how much you spend on your supplies. If you’re managing a hotel, you probably spend a lot of money each month on linens. If you’re running a restaurant, you probably deal with the cost of tablecloths and napkins all the time.

Did you know that buying brand new linens each month can dramatically increase your overhead costs? Buying linens brand new isn’t the best way to get the fabrics you need to run your business. As a business owner or manager, it’s your job to keep costs low. You need a new solution when it comes to getting your linens at a low price.

The Problem with Buying Linens

Suppose you’re running a hotel with a total of fifty rooms. If each room has two beds, you’re going to need one hundred sets of linens in total, one for each bed. However, you can’t have only one hundred sets of linens since you need to rotate clean and used linens each time a new guest checks in. Therefore, if you only rotate between two sets of linens per room, you’re going to need a minimum of two hundred sets of linens.

But what happens when a set of linens gets damaged? You’ll have to buy more brand new linens and throw out the damaged ones. Cleaning a set of linens more than ten times causes the linens to become brittle and uncomfortable to use. So after you host ten guests per room, you’re probably going to have to replace all of the linens again.

Do you see the problem with purchasing brand new linens? New linens can cost a fortune, and they can be a waste of money. However, there’s a better solution you should know about.

Linens for Hire

You might not know this, but you can save a lot of money by hiring your linens. Companies like Johnsons Stalbridge rent linens to hotel managers and restaurant owners who need a more affordable solution when it comes to their linens.

When you hire linens, you’re not actually purchasing them. Therefore, when you’re done using them, you can simply return them. It’s a painless process that can save you a lot of money. Linen hire companies carefully clean and renew your old, used linens so they can reuse them and hire them to someone else. You don’t have to worry about throwing out your old linens and wasting money on damaged ones.

The best part about hiring your linens from a linen hire company is that there is a variety of linens to choose from. You can pick out a colour scheme that matches your hotel room or dining room. There are also several different materials to choose from, such as satin or cotton.

If you’re ready to save money each month, you should stop buying brand new linens. Buying brand new linens can be a bad investment, and you can’t use the same linens forever. When you hire your linens, you can get them delivered directly to your place of business and receive fresh linen sets when you’re done using them.


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