Recent studies from the field of environmental psychology have exhibited an extraordinary relationship between nature and the human mind. In one particularly scrupulous analysis, multiple participants and their energy levels were tracked in accordance to rudimentary outdoor exposure, such as nature walks and guided wilderness tours. The findings determined that nine out of every 10 applicants experienced increased energy, vitality, and confidence with each trek and it’s worth noting that each independent study group seemed to be in higher spirits as the research moved forward. Thus, the dynamism and vigour that stems from a periodic connection to natural settings cannot be understated, which is why spending constructive time outdoors is so vital in this day and age.

The easiest way to attain this type of connection to nature is by scheduling your next holiday getaway in an unspoilt location such as the UK’s Peak District, Australia’s Hunter Valley, or Spain’s Costa Brava. However, it’s important to create a comprehensive holiday plan that covers all your bases, especially if you intend to connect with nature during the trip.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

During your nature-based holiday, you’ll be faced with a lot of relatively taxing terrain such as dense forests, steep hills, and narrow precipices, not to mention the fact that you’ll likely encounter a host of wildlife along the way. This brings up a lot of potential issues such as dehydration, insect bites, dangerous animal happenstances, misplaced belongings, and getting lost in a foreign land, all of which can derail your holiday outing before it even has a change to begin. Thus, it should come as no surprise to find out that holiday coverage plans are becoming increasingly popular. More so than ever before, holiday-goers are purchasing dedicated travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions to account for the health needs of every traveller.

As these personalised policies cover trip cancellations, emergency hospital visits, pill refills, medical evacuations, and dental care during your travels, you should never set out without coverage, especially if you happen to be engaging in a nature-based vacation. After taking into account the fact that misplaced medication can cost hundreds and a medical repatriation can run well into the thousands, it’s imperative for you to remain protected against the unforeseen. With a tailored policy by your side, you’ll be able to hike, swim, and engage in exhilarating activities without having to worry about injuries, illnesses, and ailments destroying your holiday budget.

Safety Is of the Essence                                                     

Regardless of whether you’re embarking on a lengthy expedition across one of our oceans or visiting boroughs in close proximity to your household, a customised travel insurance policy will allow you to truly enjoy the journey and let your hair down. From the 24/7 emergency helpline to the comprehensive health coverage that comes in tow, these policies are designed to provide a proverbial safety net for your entire group. Only by addressing all of the potential concerns can you truly kick back, relax, and obtain some much-needed peace of mind during your time off. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and money in planning the holiday excursion so it’s important to protect yourself against unexpected incidents with a proper travel policy.



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