Catering for large groups is never easy and with holidays, organising and overseeing a short tour can be quite a daunting challenge. It might be a large family, or a combination of families who have decided to do something together, and are looking to see the sights. If you have been given the task of arranging such a tour, here is some very useful information to help make it a memorable experience for all who take part.

Survey the Group

You cannot really expect to come up with a hit schedule without first finding out what kind of things your group members like to do, and this can be easily achieved by asking each of them to fill in a short survey. The answers will help you to decide what to see and do for the duration of the holiday, and if you are based in the UK, there are many options, with regions of the British Isles that can cater for every taste. Once you have an idea of their interests, you can go ahead and plan the holiday.

Tour Advantages

Staying in one place the whole time might work for those who like to spend their days laying in the sun, but most people would prefer a holiday on the move, as it allows you to see and do so much more. Staying in a different location every night also makes for a varied experience, not to mention the greater scope of venues to visit. Arranging a tour is not as difficult as one might think, and with online solutions, you can make contact with all the necessary services from the comfort of your armchair, including hotel bookings and coach hire.


Depending on the size of your group, there are online coach hire companies who can supply any size vehicle, along with a qualified driver, and if you are stuck regarding an ideal route, they would be able to make some suggestions and may even have a set tour menu that you could take advantage of.


Once you have worked out your route, you will then know your best overnight stop intervals, then it is just a question of sourcing suitable accommodation and making the bookings. All of this can be done online, and with large group bookings, expect significant discounts on room rates, which is normal in the industry. Your options might be limited if you have a group of more than 20 people, you would need a medium to large hotel and if you are travelling in the summer, make sure you book well in advance.

Always confirm everything, and by storing all essential numbers in your smartphone, you can easily make contact whenever necessary. You should also insist on having all the group member’s numbers, as this will allow you to gather up the group when it’s time to move on. Regular communication with your party will give you instant feedback, and if you are on the ball, you would be able to make some small adjustments to the schedule if necessary.


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