Gwalior is an important tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. A lot of people visit Gwalior for enjoying its culture and history filled land. Here are the top five tourist attractions in Gwalior.

1. Gwalior Fort

This is the first attraction to visit in Gwalior. This is a fort that stands on a sandstone hill. It was the headquarters for many dynasties and was also a strategic place for Jhansi Rani during Indian Independence struggle. It was built in 8th century as per the directions of a sage. The fort includes many palaces, water tanks, temples, towers and many others. There is a museum inside the fort too. It used to be a separate palace for Man singh’s wife. This museum includes sculptures of 2nd century, terracotta items, replicas and miniature statues. There are Jain and Hindu temples in this fort. There is an ancient school, memorials and other monuments inside the fort. This fort is located little away from the main city of Gwalior.

2. Jai Vilas Mahal

Jai Vilas Mahal is a 19th century palace that is converted in a museum. This museum contains furniture from various parts of the world. The carpet in the hall of the palace is the largest carpet in the continent. It was weaved with the help of 200 prisoners for 12 years. This palace has 400 rooms and the chandelier in this palace is the largest one in the world.

3. Kala Vithika

 This is another important museum in Gwalior. It has collections of ancient painting, portraits, instruments and other traditional items. This museum is dedicated to music.

4. Saas Bahu

Saas Bahu is a temple of 11th century located near Gwalior fort. It is one of the greatest monuments near the fort. There are many ancient sculptures and interesting architectural elements in this temple. It is not sure whether it is a Jain or Hindu temple. It is widely believed that this is a temple of Lord Vishnu. There is a Shiva temple very near to it. The temple was decorated with lime stone. The lime stones were removed and renovated recently. There are three entrances to this temple and is an important tourist destination in this city.

5. Sun Temple

Sun temple is a temple dedicated to the Sun God. It was built in 20th century and is made of red sand stone and marble. It is an important tourist attraction in the city. Apart from the architectural beauty, this temple is also known for its sculptures and attractive garden. Even if you are not a follower of Hindu religion, you can visit this temple to enjoy the serene garden and have an evening walk around the temple.

6. Tigra Dam

If you are visiting during the winter season, you can find a lot of migration birds in the water in Tigra Dam. This dam is located 23 km away from Gwalior. Boating and other tourist attractions are available in this dam. If you want to enjoy water related activities, try to visit this place during rainy season or during early winter season. It is also a perfect place for picnic. Apart from all these, those who love photography and nature should visit this place. Bird watching is an important activity in this area.

There are many other attractive spots in Gwalior like Man mandir, Chanderi, Madhav national park, Jhansi (94 km from Gwalior), Orchha (107 km from Gwalior) and many others. If you happen to visit Madhya Pradesh, allocate a day or two for Gwalior and its attractions.


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