Despite its antiquity, one of the experiences that a large number of people are still carrying out today is the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, that is, the road to Santiago. People of all types of physical condition want to make this pilgrimage and that is why it is important to take into account in what minimum conditions it is necessary to be able to do it without affecting in any way harmful to health in any case.

Apart from the previous physical preparation , which is a key point in the preparation for the Camino de Santiago, it is also important another set of factors that will help make the pilgrimage in a much more comfortable and avoid possible problems and discomfort that They can affect at any time of the way. That is why it is always necessary to have certain objects or tools throughout the whole experience that will give greater security to get to Santiago de Compostela without serious problems.

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·         What is the road to Santiago

·         Physical training

·         Baggage to make the Camino de Santiago on foot

·         Other items needed to make the Camino de Santiago

What is the road to Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage that dates back to medieval times. It can be started from different points, appearing different routes such as the so-called French way or Portuguese. But all have the same purpose: the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

It can be done in several ways, such as on horseback or by bicycle, but the most common is on foot. Along the routes there are many shelters and shelters especially prepared for the pilgrim, places where you can get the stamps that are needed to fill in the booklet that always accompanies the pilgrim and that proves that he has made the pilgrimage.

In order to get to Santiago de Compostela you have to take into account certain aspects, especially if it is the first time you want to enjoy an experience of this kind.

Physical training

In the event that the Camino de Santiago is going to be done on foot, it is very important to have a certain physical preparation, given that each daily stage has several kilometers. In general, it will be done between 15 and 25 kilometers daily, depending on the physical capacity of the pilgrim and on the days when he wants to make the complete pilgrimage.

Tips for making the Camino de Santiago on foot

To prepare physically it is recommended to start walking at least three months before starting to make the Camino de Santiago. If you do not have previous preparation you will start with smoother walks and then you will gradually increase both the pace and distance. In principle you can reach up to 3 kilometers a day and then increase until you reach 15.

It is also essential to take into account the weather conditions that have the different places that are passed during the road to Santiago. In general, in the northern part of Spain it is very likely that it will have to face rain, wind and low temperatures. In addition, on many occasions the terrain will have sections of different heights, so it is advisable to take it into account at the time of training, which must have uneven levels.

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Baggage to make the Camino de Santiago on foot

It is very important to take into account the climate of the area where the pilgrimage is going to take place in order to wear the appropriate garments. As it is very likely that rains occur it is recommended to take a pair of raincoats and remember that one more will be needed to cover the backpack where the rest of the clothes and the rest of the necessary articles will be taken during the pilgrimage.

As for the rest of the clothes, keep in mind that everything must go into the backpack that will be worn throughout the pilgrimage, in addition to the weight that will have to be borne during the stages. It is essential not to forget thermal and warm clothes, as well as comfortable footwear that does not cause any kind of chafing or injury to the feet. You can learn more in this article on Foot Care while hiking.

Other items needed to make the Camino de Santiago

Apart from everything mentioned above, we must also take into account other essential articles for the pilgrim. One of them is a complete basic kit in which there are strips, products for possible blisters and chafing, anti-inflammatory and any type of antiseptic to clean small wounds.

It is also recommended to include a sleeping bag because in some hostels do not have a large number of beds, in addition to all the items necessary for personal hygiene.

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