When it comes to wine, there is no better place in the U.S. to visit than California.  The Golden State has long been known as America’s wine capital, with California producing 85 percent of all U.S. wine, making it the world’s 4th leading wine producer.  For years, California has been attracting wine connoisseurs from across the globe to tour the state’s famous wine country.  If you’re thinking about taking a trip out to California to tour the state’s many great vineyards and wineries, here are a few of the best places to check out.

Napa Valley

When you think of California wine, Napa Valley is probably the first place that comes to mind.  With over 400 wineries and vineyards, it’s safe to say that Napa Valley has solidified its status as one of the world’s premier wine destinations.  One of the area’s most popular attractions is the Napa Valley Wine Train, a passenger train-turned-lounge that takes riders on a breathtaking tour of nearby sights.  While on board, passengers can enjoy a variety of gourmet dishes prepared by world-renowned chefs, all while chugging along the beautiful Napa Valley countryside.  Napa Valley is also home to some of the best bars and restaurants in the area, where you can sample all of the best local wines.  When planning your California wine tour, Napa Valley is a MUST, so be sure to add it to your agenda.


Fresno is one of those cities that tends to fly under the radar when it comes to California wine, but the city is actually home to many amazing vineyards and wineries.  At the Fresno State Winery, visitors can learn the process of winemaking through hands-on classes, and students tackle everything from the beginning stages of production to bottling and marketing the wine.  The Fresno State Winery is a great point of interest for anyone interested in the art of winemaking.  In addition to the Fresno State Winery, there are countless other vineyards and wineries in the area, making the city a unique destination for wine connoisseurs making their way through the state.  After tasting some of the city’s amazing wine, you’ll find yourself looking at Fresno houses for sale in no time!

Southern California

While many great wineries and vineyards are located upstate, Southern California should not be discounted.  This sunny region has plenty of incredible wine to offer, and the area is bustling with visitors making their way through the wine country.  Temecula Valley is commonly noted as Southern California’s own wine country, and the area boasts over 30 wineries to choose from.  The area has several beautiful hotels and resorts catered to tourists visiting the wine country, as well as countless bars and restaurants where visitors can sample local wine and cuisine.  Temecula Valley is also a popular wedding destination, and many of the area’s wineries offer special wedding packages for couples who wish to get married there.  Temecula Valley is a must-see on your California wine tour, so be sure to make a stop.


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