Pick a hotel is almost straightforward today: actually, you do not have to make it difficult for yourself when doing it. Simply pick a destination, dates, pay and there you are all set.

However, hotel reservations can come and do come with frustrations: the many customers looking for refunds several or a few hours of booking tell part of the entire story. So you might never have imagined the many mistakes that could occur: booking on wrong websites, failing to check vital information like arrival and departure dates, failing to search for reduced price offers on the internet and failing to compare deals, not checking for hotel reviews, missing out on important offers, paying excessively, not comparing rates, and failing to accounting for taxes and resort fees when paying, among many other mistakes. You avoid some of these mistakes by reading our list below?

Booking at the wrong time: Many people will not book until the last minute and this can have a dire consequence for your credit card because hotel rates do soar in the days leading up to a particular date. That could be very damaging if the cost goes beyond what you had planned for. That doesn’t make booking too early the solution: many factors including location, booking nonrefundable rates, seasonality, convention crowds, even weather will determine the rates. However, booking more than 21 days ahead of your arrival date is a rule of thumb.             

It is also recommended to start checking prices at least 40 days in advance and monitoring the trend.

Some services like Tingo will monitor The CL hotel and rebook you at new lower rates when the price drops. If you are crashing for last minute deals, you might want to check out the Hotel Tonight app.

Booking nonrefundable rates: Nonrefundable rates are always cheaper than the regular rack rates even for same rooms. Once the hotelier locks you in, he or she won’t have an empty room, and even if you opt out, he or she won’t suffer.

And while many refunds come at a cost and more upfront fees, it is not right to position yourself to losing all the money. Therefore, make sure to leave room for cancelation possibilities when booking at The CL hotel, especially if there is any chance of canceling: bad weather, difficult connection and chances of illness that may hinder your trip or force you to look for a hotel in another location.    

You need to also confirm the booking website’s (flash-sale site or online travel retailer (OTA)) cancellation policies.

Not accounting for taxes and resort fees: In some cases, it might be possible to stay out of offers such as housekeeping or newspaper delivery and reduce costs. However, in some cases, you might want to check if resort fees are compulsory, and account for additional cost when booking.

While hotels are expected to display fees, OTAs may not but may include fee jargon like “additional fees may apply” and thus you might need to confirm what these hidden charges are.

Making reservations for the wrong hotel: Often, there are misleading hotel names and locations and even spammers you might need to stay aware of when booking. Make sure to double check statements like “located near the heart of downtown” by any means and with map location services and mailing addresses for instance. These services will tell you how long it takes to reach the hotel or restaurants by foot, by car or by public transport.

Using incorrect arrival and departure dates: Make sure you understand and double check time zone differences and have your flight itinerary on hand when booking.

For instance, if you are wrong on the check in and check out due to differences in time zones, you might pay extra amount or be forced to book a temporary room costing you more in the long run.


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