Setting the budget is one of the toughest problems for any group looking for a cheap stag do as you don’t want to find you’ve booked anything second rate. Below are some cheap stag weekends in Europe a long with suggested activities for you to enjoy your holidays.

Budapest – Hungary

With connections of your Budapest stag weekend can get the best deals to give the groom a legendary send off in one of the world’s craziest party destinations.

Budapest has some of the best stag activities in Europe! Cream of the crop is possibly the Target Shooting where you will get your hands on fire power that isn’t even legal back in Blighty! “Go ahead stag…. Make your day.”

Berlin – Germany

A city obsessed with speed, precision, food and beer… Welcome to Berlin! Get the best Berlin stag weekend deals for awesome hotels, activities and nightlife to become a true stag legend!

Go Karting while popular in the UK get’s an extra twist with a superb circuit in Berlin. Another of our most popular Berlin activities involves Germany’s most celebrated gift to the world, sit in the pub or see the sights? Well with a Beer Bike you can do both! However if you prefer your thrills with a bigger splash our Kayak Tour is nothing short of epic!

Benidorm – Spain

Let’s face it, you only book a Benidorm stag weekend if you are a true party master. This is the promised land; the best clubs, the craziest bars, the sunniest beaches and the biggest hangovers

If you’re looking for a way to get off the beaten track a Jeep Safari is epic, 4×4, off road action. You can get all revved up and see which of the lads is a demon behind the wheel and who’s most likely to be causing a Sunday morning tailback.

Lisbon – Portugal

Lisbon is one of Europe’s coolest party cities! Excellent surf, amazing golf courses, superb nightlife and time to work on your tans. Get the best deals on your Lisbon stag weekend and prepare to party.

In Lisbon you really are spoilt for choice with some of the best activities in Europe on offer. An incredible 1,270 metre Go Kart track, if you like your driving with even more laughs then we can recommend the curiously bonkers Go Cars. However two things Portugal is famed for are the Golf courses and Surfing, and both are quite simply epic!

Bratislava – Slovakia

Mad, bad and hilarious to know, Bratislava stag weekends are packed full of the craziest activities and nightlife. Bag the boys a Bratislava bargain with us.

Pull Your Own Pint Pub – Pour, drink, belch, repeat. And absolutely no queuing at the bar. It’s pub heaven!

Machine Gun Shooting – Get your itchy trigger fingers on some legendary hardware.

Jelly Wrestling – Two smoking hot bikini clad babes, one giant pool of jelly and one very nervous looking groom…!”

Booking a weekend independently you will be offered a standard group booking rate. We believe that if we can give you an amazing stag party at an incredible price, not only will you book with us again for future stag parties but you’ll also tell other guys about the first class service you received at a superb price. You won’t get a cheap stag weekend, you’ll get a top quality weekend at a wallet friendly price.


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