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After planning a tour in Thailand, you might be thinking that this paradise location would be requiring extremely high costs. But this is not so. You may find it later on that you have to spend only the same amount of money on budget travel in Thailand as in regular surges to Europe Tour. Only the thing which is required is careful planning that can lead to huge savings.

Here are given some beneficial advices which can help you a lot for planning an ideal budget travel in Thailand and save large amount of money. You will also not have to compromise with your dream of enjoyment. They are as follows-

Ø  Choice of Season for Thailand Tour Package– If you plan to travel in Thailand Islands in offseason, you can save around 25% of the cost for accommodation. You can find great price fluctuations across different seasons as like in other countries which are also popular tourist destinations. Most importantly, weather in Thailand remains pleasant even during off seasons. Good news is that difference between temperatures of “hot season” and the “peak season” is almost negligible. However, during the “wet season”, you may have to tolerate a mild occasional rain. Thus, you easily reduce cost of accommodation in Thailand by choosing to go there during off season rather than in peak season.

Ø  Choosing a Right Transportation- You can easily save around 80$ each way by reaching the final destination in Thailand in one of the Southern Islands via train or bus rather than via plane. You can make lot of savings by arriving Bangkok International Airport at the evening. In such situation, you can easily save money despite of gap between expensive airfare and the train or bus ticket and the first night accommodation costs.

Ø  Food- In most western style countries, it is common trend that more you will pay for the food, better food will be made available to you. It is not so in the case of Thailand, as in most of the parts of Thailand, especially in Southern Islands. Here, cheaper food will comparatively better in taste and authentic too. Expensive restaurants in Thailand are mostly known for western food that neither can be said as authentic nor possess superior taste. An estimated cost for dinner in standard restaurants will be 10$-30$. On the other hand, cheap restaurants that offers just plastic chairs will costs merely 3$-8$. Such food is also tasty as well as authentic. Thus, in this way you can save lot of money even without compromising with your taste.

Ø  Air Conditioning- The availability of air conditioner in the room makes huge differences in price. Though, if you are on travel in Thailand during summers, it becomes essential to have air conditioned room. But, if you are on Thailand travel during the rainy season, you can easily adjust simply with fan that can not only offer you satisfaction but also can help you to make savings with lower expenses for accommodation.

Ø  Selecting Location- As like in most of the places of the world, the cost of accommodation differs as per the choice of the location in Thailand Islands. The bungalow in the central beach is very close to the airport or seaport and is full of thriving nightlife. Thus, this place will have double cost as that of same bungalow in the remote quiet beach. But at the same time, you also need to consider that accessibility is a big issue in the Thailand Islands, thus taxi fares as well as taxi boat fares are according to the accommodation rates. In case, you are willing to join social activities and busy nightlife, then you should stay very close to airport or seaport, otherwise you should arrive at remote beach. In this way, you can save around 60% on the accommodation rates this way.

Ø  Communication- For the purpose of communication, use of cellular phone from outside of Thailand can be very expensive. In order to save communication costs, you should purchase local cellular phone along with prepaid SIM card. However, costs for these services can differ. If you choose to call overseas from the office of your resort, it will be really very expensive.


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