Adventure – this word brings in our mind a spark of thrill. There are many who make sure to go for any adventurous trip once a year. Indulging in an adventure is a mandatory thing for them. And, why not? Adventure pumps us in such a way that we feel the faith and energy flowing in us to make our lives smoother. Matheran is one of the smallest hill stations in India and the only automobile-free region in the whole of Asia. Adventure freaks will be jumping out of joy to know that Matheran is also a place profoundly popular for trekking accompanied by the lush green beauty and waterfalls. And, to be a part of all these, you need to book hotels in Matheran.

  • Trek to the Louisa Point: Louisa Point is the most celebrated point among the designated 38 points in Matheran. Located on the southernmost tip of Matheran’s westward range, this place is alighted on a plateau. This place is apt for the adventure lovers and trekkers as they will enjoy a heavenly time trekking amidst the greenery and mystic aura of the place. There is a picnic spot which enthuses food lovers to take a halt and gulp down delicacies.
  • Let the Dancing Rays of the Sun Greet You At the Panorama Point: The Panorama Point will delight you with its 360-degree panoramic view of the Western Ghats where the dancing of the rays of the sun during sunrise and sunset is dramatic. The villages are found to be dotted in the plain downwards which offers more of an enthralling beauty. This point is also for trek lovers and as the route is a little rough, serenity is something you will definitely get at this place. You can even get lucky enough to get the chance to see the train moving from beneath. The selfie lovers will feel very energetic to click loads of pictures here because of the panoramic view.
  • Get a Glimpse of Matheran while Paragliding: Matheran has always been known for the adventure that it has in store for the tourists. One such adventure sport, namely, paragliding, has gained huge popularity over the years. Matheran is the perfect place that offers a breathtaking birds’ eye view. The steep hills and the flowing valleys adorned with the waterfalls are magical. This sport can be tried out with the help of experienced trainers who charge an affordable fee. The exquisite enjoyment offered in exchange is unparallel.
  • Try Out Rock Climbing: Even though Matheran is a hill station, the steep slopes are not safe for the beginners to try out rock climbing. However, to give you the thrill of adventure nevertheless, artificial rock climbing can be tried out there. There are many resorts that promote adventure sports including artificial rock climbing. Under the guidance of the trainer, you can have fun sweating out and testing your strength and balance. If you are travelling with your friends or in a group, you can even compete against each other in a friendly manner and treat yourselves later!
  • Get Your Aim Right While Playing Archery and Rifle Shooting: With the pleasant wind caressing your face and making you feel energetic like never before, you can test the level of your concentration synchronized with your aim. For doing so, archery and rifle shooting can be good choices. So, play with your friends and enjoy the game in the pleasant weather only at the breathtaking hill station of Matheran.

Thus, by this time, you must be waiting to book hotels in Matheran so that you can try out all the adventure activities there, right? So, get your bags pack and set your for Matheran this weekend itself. Happy a safe and happy trip!


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