Often when people visit Bangkok, they go to Pattaya too. A beautiful place both of them. But then comes another big question. How to go from Bangkok to Pattaya, completely safe and fuss- free? Buses, taxis, or some another mean of transport? Taxis, for sure! If you’re travelling with family or friends, you get to enjoy privacy and are assured security and comfort. Did we mention that it is also quite light on the pocket?

Well, it is.  Place Your Trust on www.thaihappytaxi.com Let us not for forget that you’re going to be in a complete foreign environment with little to no road knowledge. This magnifies the need to have a good taxi service to help you in your journey. www.thaihappytaxi.com is an amazing taxi service company which you should opt for. Read on to find out about all the facilities you can get from them.

  • Knowledgeable and Polite Drivers – Another big advantage of booking taxies in this website are the drivers. The drivers are polite and knowledgeable and will make your entire trip more enjoyable and comfortable. To know the roads and can even tell you some fun facts about the place. Never will they be rude or impolite. That’s an assurance.
  • No Tension involved – You’re on a vacation to enjoy! Trust their service to give you just that. They have airport pick- up service and will look after everything to get you to Pattaya safely and with the utmost comfort. So, sit back and enjoy. www.thaihappytaxi.com will take you to your destination – happy, safe and relaxed.
  • Thorough Guidance with Quick Bookings – The website is thoroughly efficient which expedites the booking process. All the available options are on display with complete fares written. Also, there are no hidden charges too. Complete transparency and safety of transactions is ensured.
  • Comfortable and Reasonable Cars – The cars are either a standard sedan or a deluxe sedan. All the cars are in amazing working conditions and extremely clean. The hire charges are also quite reasonable. You will get 100% satisfaction after you avail the website’s services.

Best Pattaya to Bangkok service. Book with confidence with Thai Happy Taxi.


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