When we are out for a holiday to a certain place, the first thing that strikes us especially if it is an international holiday destination is its airport. A good airport sets the tone for our holiday and it is then that we start looking forward to the trip with lots of enthusiasm an fun. Here we will look at some of the best airports in the world for international travel.

  • The first airport that snatches the top position us the Changi airport in Singapore. The airport in its truest sense is a destination on its own with an indoor waterfall. Also, if we have around six hours or more for a connecting flight we can take a free city tour. Also, this airport has a butterfly conservatory of its own with open-air decks and nice restaurants. This airport has a swimming pool too and we can make the most out there or watch movies at the 24-hour cinema. Frequent travellers find of the self-boarding gates and the fast and free WiFi, while family travellers love the huge play areas.
  • The second best international airport on our list and the busiest airport in the whole of Europe in terms of passenger traffic in the London Heathrow airport. Every day the authorities at this airport are adding something new for transit travellers. This is one of the best airports to shop and have a good time. From different kinds of exotic whiskies to well-known brands, this airport has it all. Also, if we really need a free personal shopper service, we can avail it here. This is undoubtedly one of the best airports in the world.
  • The third in our list in the Dubai International Airport. This is one of the busiest airports in the world because if huge passenger footfall. This airport is one of the world’s biggest duty-free shopping centre airports. It is home to its national carrier, Emirates. The concourses and runways buying built will expand the airport further.
  • The Incheon International Airport at Seoul that opened up to passengers about 18 years ago has been expanding ever since. A new passenger terminal opened in 2018 so as to serve about 100 million passengers a year. This airport takes care of two major airlines, Korean and Asian. The airport also has huge VIP lounges with an ice skating rink. Then there is a section where we wound find exquisite local food and have a look at the dance performances too. If we need a spa, we could get it done here at the airport too.
  • The Hong Kong International Airport that is base to the airline Cathay Pacific offers us prompt connections to the city from its island through an airport express that lets us travel from the airport to the city centre in about half an hour. The presence of VIP lounges along with a nap room and an IMAX theatre is sure to woo us.

Now that we know which airports are the best, we can look at what each has to offer individually and then make a holiday plan. While facing difficulties regarding travel, we can always travel to the airport with a woking airport taxi for ease and convenience.


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