There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re trying to make the decision to choose a right kayak that’ll best serve your touring purpose. While on this, you might want to consider the tandem-sit-on-top kayak. The information embedded in this article will not only put you in the right direction but also help you better get an in-depth understanding of the product line.


You need to ask yourself a few questions, starting from where you want to kayak? And the things you’ll be doing? Each of this category is accompanied by a combination of outfitting, performance features, size options and storage to fit in for its intended use.

  • Ideal Types of Water
  • Trip Duration
  • Day or weekend trips (less than 20 miles), Day trips (less than 10 miles)
  • Skill Levels
  • Storage capacity


Once you’ve been able to draw a firm conclusion for your paddling style, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to draw a precise line to effectively understand the performance characteristics that are significant to each category. Here’s what I’m trying to explain;


This is talking about car topping, carrying and ensuring that the kayak is kept safe outside of the water.


The boat’s resistance and capability to tip over under normal circumstances/conditions.

Glide and Speed

The kayak’s efficiency while moving on the water with respect to its velocity.


The kayak’s ability to maintain a straight line while moving on water.


It’s ability to turn and maneuver precisely.


Once you reach a conclusion on the kayak model that’ll fit your need, checking out the outfitting and features will help in your decision making, although, the kayak mentioned above; tandem sit-on-top kayak fits in perfectly to suit your need, so you might want to consider getting one.

Bulkhead and Hatches

These features are located at the extreme end of the boat, the bulkhead stands a vertical wall to seal off the apartment, while the hatch opens up to store the gear. Both of these also help to provide buoyancy to the kayak.

Deck Rigging

Toggles, deck lines and bungles all combined provide safety for paddling. A compass, navigational charts, spare paddle, coupled with other items are made available on deck.

You’re free to fix an appointment at any time to test-run and select from our variety of kayak categories.


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