Unflustered with thousands of travellers, Estepona is a quiet town with the sun over the head for 325 days a year. More of a fishing village, this little town is located on the Costa Del Sol about 30 minutes from Marbella and a short drive from Gibraltar. Reflecting the traditions of Spain, this holiday destination is relatively unpopular and unruffled unlike the famous town of Marbella and Fuengirola. Staring from Walt Disney, many film productions have been scheduled to capture the picturesque scenery of this beautiful place.

As lovely as it sounds, taking a stroll along the streets of Estepona, enjoying your coffee around this beautiful town square lined with flowers and several coffee bars and cafes. The soothing beaches tranquilise the soul of any traveller. An array of seafood and cool cocktails are the speciality of this Mediterranean village. Not entirely developed, the infrastructure of the town have recently started to improve. The outskirts are developing with luxurious apartments which are sprouting up daily. Here is a complete guide to all the people who want to satisfy the wanderlust in them.

Places to stay in Estepona:

The place has successfully avoided many constructions. However, recently after being one of the major spots for film shootings, new apartments, villas and motels are being built to facilitate the accommodation of tourists.

Only 25 minutes south from Marbella and less than an hour drive from the international airport at Malaga, there are large and exclusive luxurious apartments which is a perfect spot for a vacation stay. Luxury vacation rental Estepona and other sprouting building in Estepona have now been holding people for their stay. If one is looking for a comfortable accommodation, luxury vacation rental Estepona is the right place for you. Not only does this luxurious apartment offer accommodation and stay but also is close to hiking areas, golf courses, watersports or simply strolling down the cobbled paths. After a splendid day spent at the sea, you can relax with a glass of wine on the terrace facing the Mediterranean Sea. The location of the luxury vacation rental Estepona at the perfect spot in Costa Del Sol that enables the tourists to explore the beautiful Spanish surroundings at ease. The favourable climatic conditions let you enjoy the luxurious apartment all year round.

Places of Interest around the luxurious apartment:

These Spanish villages sport traditional cobbled streets and pathways with flower pots decorated on the white painted houses. Resplendence at its best, this beautiful town has soothing beaches with the wind blowing all year round, making it a favourable holiday destination. The Mediterranean proves to be a major tourist attraction. Interesting museums built around the small town will be one of the favourite spots for the history buffs. One can spend an entire day in the picturesque white walled village with geranium plants for decoration. The fishing village as it is called, the Mediterranean offers seafood like nowhere else.


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