If you’re planning to join a whale watching tour when on holiday, perhaps somewhere like Sydney, chances are you want to get the very most from your experiences. That means you need to make the right choices about the tour you join as well as other factors like the time of the year you go. To help you make the right choices about your tour and the holiday you join, take note of the following tips.

The Right Tour Company

If you’re going to join a whale watching tour and experience the wonders of watching them swim and play in the wild, you need to join the right tour. As there are many whale watching tour companies in Sydney it’s important that you do your research and decide which of the many tour operators is the best one to join a cruise with. Here are a few of the things that you should for:

  • Convenient departure and arrival location
  • Option of morning and afternoon cruises
  • Competitive rates and packages

Additionally, you should also check the refund policy in case of no sightings. While it’s rare that an operator won’t get you up close to a whale, it does happen on occasion so be sure to look into this.

The Right Time of Year

If you’re planning on watching whales on a cruise, you need to understand when is the best time of the year for you to book a tour. In Sydney, Australia, which is one of the best places in the world to join a tour, the seasons are:

  • Mid-May to June and July
  • November to October and mid-November

It’s best to pick somewhere in the middle of those periods if you can to guarantee that there will be whales passing by while making their way north or back down south again. Sometimes the seasons are longer or shorter, so be sure to check with the tour operator prior to booking and making other travel arrangements. It would be very disappointing to miss out on seeing whales in the wild, especially if you’ve come a long way to see them as many people do.

The Right Time of Day

There’s no ‘best time of the day’ to see whales because they’re active at all times of the day and night, however, as the weather conditions on the ocean tend to be milder in the morning, if you’re easily seasick or you have young children, it’s best to go on the morning tour. Check with the tour operator if you have any concerns about weather conditions on the tour.

Whale watching is an amazing experience that everyone, regardless of their interest in the natural world, will enjoy. As there are many tour operators in Sydney and other popular places to see whales, it’s essential that you check customer reviews and do some research to source the best tour to join and you should also determine the best time of year and day to book a tour. Follow these tips to make the right choices about the whale watching tour you join.


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