Simferopol Russia - July 13 2014: Visa the American multinational company providing services of carrying out payment operations.

Today the world has become a smaller place. The cross-country boundaries are not creating any hurdles in smooth commutation of travelers. Be it tourists, businessmen or foreign representatives staying in abroad, every single day the trans-border traveling takes place. Now, for a businessman, it is necessary to do such commutation to keep its business be on the track of success. For an example, the CEO of Microsoft, based in the United States and need to make a trip to India for business purposes. What would he do? Get the Visa approval and take the next flight to India. Obviously!

But, that not all. The visa approval process goes through a series of check out before offering one. There are a number of things which is taken into consideration. Here are some requirements for Indian Visa Application Online that must meet in order to initiate the approval process.

  •    Passport: Before applying for a visa, you need to get your passport ready. The passport must contain an actual sign of yours and an attachment of your personal copy. But the passport must meet the following criteria also;

-It must carry the validity of at least six months

-Should have two blank pages left in the booklet your passbook

– The pages of passbook and the photo attachment must appear dilapidated or torn

  •    Photographs: This is the most crucial part of online form filling for visa application. Some instances say, in any given situation if it does not satisfy the requirements your application might get canceled without reimbursement of the processing fee. The subsequent move would be to apply again with the price that might cost you dearly since you are paying twice for the same approval process. So, to avert this, here are some requirements you need to know.

-The photo must be of high quality and taken within the last three months.

– Should be provided with a full-frontal view of your head on a white background.

– You can’t wear glasses or headwear except in case religious representation.

  •    Letter of Invitation: To make the process and the concerned person making a way into the country more transparent, the business visa approval requires a letter of invitation from the organization or the business firm. Here are some characteristics of the letter of invitation;

-It must be written on the company letterhead

-The address and the phone number of the organization should be clearly mentioned

-The stamp must be embossed on the letterhead as well, which is most preferable.

  •    Driver’s license: You must provide a copy of your driver’s license. And it clearly mentions the address of yours. This address should be valid as it is to appear on your visa. And also, your visa address must match the address mentioned on your license or utility bill as well.
  •    Visa Application Form: Now as other things get a check mark, we are reaching the initiation of form filling process. To get a visa, the Indian Consulate must approve it. Hence, the Indian Consulate requires a visa application clearly mentioning every detail of the person applying for it. Following are some information you must provide.

-Should mention the name that appears exactly on the passport.

-The type of visa application must be mentioned with required documents

-Your address should be valid as the visa will be shipped to your mentioned address only.

-The visa application for must printed on one single-sided sheet of paper as double-sided application tend to face rejection.

To sum up, whether you are looking for a business visa or tourist visa, the documents or paperwork required for Indian Visa Application Online need to be submitted with utmost care.  


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