A day trip to the Phi Phi Islands takes only 50 odd minutes while leaving from your Phuket Resort by speedboat and these islands are a wonderful sight worth taking in.

Phi Phi: Thailand’s Island Jewel

While Phuket has a lot to offer as a tropical island, Phi Phi Island Tour as a day trip offers something equally unique.

Unusual Doings on the Island

  • Kayaking into the Sunset – You can rent a sea kayak in Phi Phi Island and go for an ocean sunset tour. A lot of sea kayakers will go to Wang Long Bay; however you have a lot of other visiting alternatives in the event that you have seen that while kayaking.
  • Learning to Cook Traditional Thai – At the Pum’s Thai Cooking School, you can learn typical Thai tricks to making great foods. Tourists can find this cooking school on the Tonsai Village too. You can take either a 30 minute class, or you can stay for 6 hours or even more. These cooking classes are cost effective for what you will have after.
  • The Phi Phi Marketplace – If you really want to learn about life in a certain part of the world, check out the marketplace. You can learn a lot more about a destination based on what the people sell there. Phi Phi market can be found in the Tonsai Village and you will have all the local vegetables, fruits, and seafood at a reasonable price.
  • Nurturing The Sharks – Feeding the sharks has become another popular activity for day trips to Phi Phi Island. Most often, you will feed the sharks in the early morning.
  • Snorkeling in Maya Bay has become another popular activity.

Visiting the Phi Phi Islands as a day-trip is one of the finest decisions that you will make. This is one of the world’s most stunning destinations, and is always busy with tourists.


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