Individuals returning from locations where the Zika virus is discovered should follow safe sex practices or abstain from sex for at least 8 weeks, the World Health Organization has stated. The recommendation, which doubles the abstinence duration the WHO had previously encouraged, follows scientists found that the virus remains longer than previously thought in blood or other body fluids. If the male partner in a couple preparation pregnancy has symptoms of the Zika virus, the duration of safe abstinence must be 6 months, said the WHO s representative Christian Lindmeier. People must practice more secure sex or abstain for a minimum of 8 weeks if they are returning from Zika-affected areas, he stated. The previous recommendation recommended duration of a minimum of 4 weeks, so we’re upping [it]. The new standards show what we have found out about Zika disease and its issues, he included.

Asked whether the new recommendations totaled up to an efficient restriction on pregnancies in Brazil, where the virus first appeared a year back, Lindmeier stated: The guidance is to postpone or think about delaying pregnancy, definitely recognizing that this is difficult for some populations. The representative said scientists were still investigating the length of time the virus might be traced in saliva, and tests so far had actually been undetermined. All this is being studied to see where else we discover the virus and the length of time it sustains there, he said.

5 travel pointers to plan the very best trip for the holidays

Today’s smartphones are the ultimate travel companion. It acts like a manual, translator and travel agent simultaneously there’s no lack of apps to guarantee your next trip goes efficiently. Which also indicates you can bid farewell to troublesome strategies because everything that you’ve planned is all stored neatly and firmly in your mobile phone. One may ask how you can go about doing this with minimal inconvenience. The trick remains in following these 5 travel ideas, through the grace of apps, making your next holiday genuinely remarkable.

  1. Save money on airfare with Hopper

You’ll wish to snag the best flight deal available at an instant. Hopper is not only a flight-booking app; it likewise tells you when the best time to buy is.

Simply select your location and dates from the color-coded calendar (which forecasts the typical prices for your selected flight) and Hopper will suggest if you need to wait it out or purchase it instantly. If you choose to wait, it quickly sends out alerts the minute prices go down.

  1. Hunt for the perfect accommodation, anywhere with Trivago and Airbnb

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel or budget dormitory, Trivago is the best app to compare prices from over 250 hotel reservation website  Just mark your date and location, set your maximum cost and the app does the rest for you. Consider non-traditional accommodation using Airbnb. With more than 2 million listings in over 34,000 cities, discover budget-friendly houses or remain in castle for your next holiday. And if you’re up for it, you can also let your location out when you travel.

  1. Browse like a manager with Google Maps

You’re finally at your dream location but have no idea the best ways to get anywhere. Google Maps is the best method to obtain directions if you’re travelling via public transport, driving or strolling. Just search for your instructions and pick your travel type. You can likewise save a map for offline use. After you’ve searched your desired location, scroll down and press save. You’ll be asked to focus if your chosen location is too large.

  1. Speak to anyone, in their lingo with Google Translate

Google Translate is the essential app for quickly equating anything on the go. Use speech-to-text to equate as you speak to absolutely anybody, and its newest upgrade on the Android has a tap to equate function so you can translate anything on any app you’re utilizing. You can likewise save languages for immediate translation offline. Its coolest feature is Word Lens, which translates any word you see on your journeys, like signage or restaurant menus simply by pointing your phone s electronic camera on it. A cool function when you’re lost or simply wanting to select something out to consume.

  1. Keeping in budget with XE Currency

Forget about all the other currency conversion apps out there. It also keeps the last upgraded rates so you can use it offline anytime. You can even set it as a faster way on your Android desktop for fast currency conversion on the fly. Just choose the XE currency widget and you’re set.

2 to Tango: When your partner is not your ideal fellow traveler

What does one do if one is stuck with a partner who does not share the same passion and enjoyment about travelling as you do? Well, you are not alone. There are many couples out there who are struggling with this situation. It may not be a marriage-breaking one, but it certainly winds up as one that type’s resentment. While travelling for Rajat was a passion, Mina was least interested in anything and everything that came with travelling. For Mina, taking a trip suggested sleeping in the hotel, seeing TELEVISION and buying room service all day along. She even saw absolutely nothing fascinating in the monuments or other traveler spots in the nations we travelled to. Professionals state that such distinctions in tastes can frequently cause bitterness and drive a wedge in between partners. Over a time period, it can even lead to unbridgeable differences.

This is exactly what happened with Rajat and Mina. After a long time, he stopped asking her to come along and started planning trips either with his pals or by himself. While Mina at first welcomed the fact that she was not dragged along, slowly it led to distance silently creeping up in between them. Counselors say that no matter how much a partner dislikes doing something that the other partner enjoys; in a marriage there is a need to exercise a compromise which serves both partners well. If not, it s a sure shot for each going their different ways. When they got wed, Rashi enjoyed traveling and seeing and exploring new locations every now and then. Mihik was never ever enthused about any of her travel plans. He is always so dull and cranky that I stopped preparing journeys. Partners begin snapping at each other for no reason; they say about insignificant problems and even look for things to blame the partner for. An honest and open chat with the partner often helps both the partners gain clearness about the situation.

When she spoke to him one day, she discovered that since he grew up in a tight-fisted family, he was never ever comfy spending more money than essential. Our journeys were demanding for him because he saw it as all the money going down the drain. I informed him that the next two trips would be funded by me and he would have to do nothing but accompany me. Therapists state that marital relationship is a lot of work and if the couples desire to seriously make things work, then they should attempt and find a middle path where both partners learn to factor in the needs and issues of the other. A trip with a reluctant, sulking and grumbling partner does not a fantastic travel make. So if you are truly keen on taking trips with a not-so-willing partner, strike an offer, exchange a little and work out a compromise where both partners feel there s something in the journey for both of them. Quitting on travel plans is never ever the response; the secret is to reach a consensus and find the best balance between your partner s resistance and your desire to travel.


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