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Practicing canoes can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you do it in a sports or amateur way you should know basic concepts. With this article you will learn how to choose fishing canoes, as well as some tips for this practice. Keep reading and become an expert on the subject.

History of Canoes

There are currently a significant number of fishing modalities in both freshwater and seawater. Although several techniques were created thanks to technological advances. It can be said that fishing from a canoes, canoe or a small boat is a very old style, practiced by some tribes in the deepest part of the Amazon.

What we know as canoes today is very different, for obvious reasons, from what those tribes practiced. But in itself, the technique to move around and try to get a fish will never change.

For lovers of sport fishing, perfecting different techniques has been a real challenge.

Although for many fishermen, both novices and experts, the team can influence fishing. It has been shown that it is the climatic conditions that can ensure you a fruitful fishing. This detail is not new since in different occasions the tribes used natural elements to know if it was a good day to go fishing.

Types of fishing canoes

If you like this sport and want to buy canoe to fish visit, the first thing you need to consider is your needs. Defining the purpose of fishing is a fundamental part, as it will help you define not only what type of vessel to use, but also its accessories.

Fishing canoes can be classified in two ways: self-emptying, closed and inflatable.

Self-emptying boats for fishing

This type of canoes gives a feeling of freedom as it allows you to move your legs easily. Your whole body is exposed and they have a drain hole. They are used most frequently in rivers and swamps. This is because it does not provide stability with waves and sea currents. They are made of rigid materials such as polyethylene, carbon Kevlar and fiberglass.

Closed boats or cruise

These canoes are preferred by professionals as they provide greater maneuverability and speed. Provides safety in the lower body. Protects the legs from cold and moisture. Due to its design it does not allow the entry of water, so your body will always be dry.

To use this type of canoes, prior training is required. Since in the protected area it has integrated pedals that provide greater movement. It is a more complex system and they are used regularly at sea. They are generally lighter than open ones.

Inflatable canoes

They are best suited for calm waters such as lagoons or reservoirs. Do not use this type of canoes in areas with strong current of water or wind. They can be stored and transported easily thanks to their volume and weight. The stability they provide is very good, but the speed not so much.

How to choose fishing canoes

To choose an ideal canoe you must consider external factors that may influence your journey. A sea current can cause you a bad time if you are not prepared. Therefore, you should always be aware of every detail of the weather or nature. Informing you can keep you safe!


It is one of the first factors you should consider when choosing a boat. The length (length) can benefit you in terms of speed. However, very long canoes can be uncomfortable when trying to spin in short spaces.

The sleeve is the width of the boat. The general rule is that the wider the more stability you will have. This is why we always recommend using a boat where the dimensions are balanced. Where speed and stability are not compromised. It is important that you try the canoes before making a decision.

Weight and maximum load

Knowing the weight is important to manipulate it. With this we can confirm if it is ideal for you. Knowing its maximum load will allow you not to overcome it and avoid accidents.

It is advisable to choose light boats that allow you to transport it without much effort. Usually, they are usually heavy, but looking for a light one will save you a lot of trouble.


Safety during navigation is paramount. Using bright colors can facilitate a search in case of an accident or emergency. Shades such as: yellow, red and orange, are recommended as they stand out on the surface. They can be seen up to 2km 2.

The use of reflective tapes in the canoes will allow other boats to notice your presence both day and night. The use of the different shades between blue and green is not recommended. An orange boat may be your best option.


You should emphasize that the materials used for manufacturing are of the utmost importance. Comfort is essential especially if you plan to spend many hours fishing. Certain ships have special seats to provide well-being while sailing. The decision is more about personal comfort than our experience.


Fishing canoes are usually very functional boats and equipped with accessories that facilitate the excursion. The main thing is that they have rod holders and enough storage capacity. A ship must have a wide seat, a comfortable fanny pack and luggage space.

Among the tools necessary to practice canoeing are:

– Security anchor. It serves to be towed in case of emergency. This device can be placed both in the bow and stern and is required in many countries around the world.

– Lifejacket. This implement is one of the most important when going to the water. It allows you to stay afloat in case of an accident. Usually, they are red or orange; this facilitates the search in case of emergency.

– Funding package. This equipment consists of a series of tools necessary to anchor the boat in the desired place. It consists of buoys, anchor and tensioners in a single kit.

– Transducer It is a device that receives natural energy and transforms it into another type of energy, but with very small values ​​compared to those produced by a generator.

– Tambucho. Although it tends to confuse, it is the opening that gives access to the inside of the boat. You must have a removable cover to prevent water ingress.

– Probe and GPS. These devices are vital when you start browsing. Its function is really simple, but very important. Let you know the distance between your boat and the bottom while observing the location in real time.

– Rudder. It is an element that despite not being essential can make your job easier. It provides manageability and control over the ship.

– Shovels Unlike the helm, these are essential within your boat. Its function is only one: to give the necessary impulse to give movement to the ship.

If your boat has all these complements, it can be used for fishing effectively and always keeping in mind the basic safety regulations.

Choosing the best canoes for fishing

To know which the ideal ship is you must take into account many details. The decision will always depend on your level of experience. For both sailing and fishing. If you are a person with little practice in the area of ​​fishing, but if you are very skilled with canoeing we recommend a closed boat or cruise. These tend to be more stable and faster when sailing.

If your case is the opposite you should use the self-emptying canoes. Since you do not need to be an expert to maneuver this type of ship. There is no doubt about the importance of each according to its function, but we can agree on one thing: both do the job.

There is always a third option for beginners or if you do not have the necessary resources to acquire another boat. The inflatable canoes can adapt to any simple fishing task if the primary objective is distraction.

The technique is essential

It is very important to keep in mind that canoeing requires a certain technique to avoid having a bad time. You must anticipate what can happen, and check the equipment several times before you go fishing.

FishingCanoes are very fun, and allow you to reach places where other types of fishing are almost impossible. With this technique you can approach areas that are far from the shore or hard-to-reach places, where fish swim in large quantities.

As we said there are different factors that you must take into account when fishing. Whether as a sport or amateur mode it is always important to learn how to choose fishing canoes. If you liked this article you can share it on social networks to guide other people. If you have any questions about this topic, contact us and we will help you.


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