When talking about travel and Australia appears as a possible candidate, there is always one that says: “Be careful, to travel to Australia you need at least two weeks.” And another that says: If only on the round trip flight you already spend two days. A week is very little time to travel to Australia.https://yuccapedia.com/the-best-time-to-travel-to-australia/ But, being honest, to know Australia well you would need to be born several times.

Where to focus the first time

And it is true, I insist: it is best to have more than a week to travel to Australia. But this world is not ideal and we cannot always choose. I had a week and I didn’t think about it. Well, I thought about it, but I quickly said to myself: “Either you do it now or you may never do it.” And I threw myself into the pool.

But, of course, if you have a week, you don’t have to be too smart to understand that you have to concentrate on one part. And so I began to seek advice and to inform myself what was the best, where to start. That is why this article may help you. If you find yourself in the same situation as me and do not have so many days, here is a fundamental tip: do not try to cover a lot and visit a single area during the few days you have.

The Hunter Valley vineyards

A couple of hours north of Sydney are Hunter Valley. The oldest wine region in Australia, where there are more than 150 wineries located between hills, framed by the Great Dividing Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean.

The vineyards produce Chardonnay, Shiraz and Semillon grapes, a light white wine that was named the best-undervalued wine in the world by Wine Spectator. Thanks to the enriched volcanic soil, regional producers also specialize in olive oil, citrus and soft cheeses, such as brie. Hunter Valley Tours gives the region a complete valley tour with a modern twist. A good option is to take the segway through the vineyards, fly over the area by helicopter or play a game of golf, all, as instructed, between wine glasses. Just do not say goodbye and pay attention to the kangaroos jumping between the vines with the sunset in the background.

Dolphin Watching in Port Stephens

Continuing up with the car, about three hours from Sydney, through a jungle and wooded area, you arrive at Port Stephens, a scenario that reminds of Kauai. There are 26 white sand beaches and it is of such quality that it creaks when you step on it. If you drive to Fingal Bay and you encourage a bit of hiking through the jungle, the reward is priceless: pristine and lonely beaches that cannot be reached by car.

It is also the capital of Australia for dolphin watching, as more than 150 bottlenose dolphins live here throughout the year. The coral reef and the transparent waters make it easy to spot the dolphins from the catamarans. Humpback whales migrate through this area from May to October.


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